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Thank you for your interest in the Attitudes and Social Intervention Lab! Dr. Pietri will be selectively reviewing applications this cycle. (That is, because she recruited two new Ph.D. students last year, she may not recruit a new student this year.) 

Research fit is critical for finding a good mentor and being happy with your chosen lab and Ph.D. program!


Currently, the PSIA lab focuses are three primary areas of research: 1) Exploring who fosters connections and identity-safety/belonging for women with multiple marginalized identities (e.g., Who acts as role models in STEM? Who is most persuasive? Why do women relate to certain individuals and not others?); 2) Examining visual media as a persuasive tool to mitigate biases, particularly in STEM (e.g., When are media interventions a useful reduce gender bias in STEM? Can popular films and documentaries also function as interventions? When and why is visual media more impactful than written media?); and 3) Testing when allies act as beneficial identity-safe cues to promote belonging (e.g., When do individuals believe allies can about helping the ingroup? How might performative allyship be harmful?).

For your application, it would be helpful to highlight how your research interests fit with one or more these themes, or why you think your interests are a good fit with the lab generally. 

Please note, that for equity reasons, Dr. Pietri will generally not have phone or Zoom conversations with applicants prior to reading applications. However, she looks forward to reading your materials! 


Undergraduate research is a fantastic way to learn about psychology. Participating in research provides unique opportunities to become fully engaged with the research process, in ways you often do not experience in class. Moreover, if you are thinking about applying to graduate school (particularly a Ph.D. program), having research experience is a critical part of your application.


We are often recruiting new research assistants! You are encouraged to look at the lab research's page to make sure our research is a good fit your interests and future research goals. 


If the lab seems like a good fit and you are interested in working as a research assistant in the Social Intervention and Attitudes lab, please complete the following form and email it to Dr. Pietri (

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