Meet the Principle investigator

Dr. Evava (Eva) Pietri

Dr. Eva Pietri is the PI of the PSIA lab and an Assistant Professor at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). She received her Ph.D. in Psychology at the Ohio State University. After receiving her PhD., Dr. Pietri completed a postdoctoral position at Yale University, during which she worked in the Psychology department and in the Center for Scientific Teaching. 


Fun facts:

  • Dr. Pietri is half White and half Puerto Rican, which has in part motivated her research on the importance of role models with intersectional identities. 

  • Growing up in NYC, Dr. Pietri's mother was an artist and her father, was a poet and part of Nuyorican Poetry movement. Although she did not pursue a career in the arts, her upbringing has fueled her interest in using art and media as diversity interventions. 

  • Finally, Dr. Pietri is a big (and only sometimes obnoxious) Ohio State football fan.

Jasmine Beecham

Candidacy Student

(Primary Student)

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Jasmine is currently working on her Ph.D. in Applied Social and Organizational Psychology at IUPUI. She completed her Master's thesis with Dr. Eva Pietri exploring illegal interview questions and applicant reactions based on the illegal content of the questions, specifically examining gender differences in reactions based on the stereotype threat model. She successfully completed her candidacy proposal under Dr. Pietri's guidance and is currently working on the paper, investigating how dress codes and norms lead to discrimination against racial and ethnic minorities, as well as women. Additionally, she is working on a paper with Dr. Pietri on the effectiveness of mixed race role models for Black women in STEM. Her general research interests include diversity and bias in selection and she has enjoyed exploring these ideas under Dr. Pietri's guidance.

Amanda Mosier

Thesis Student and Graduate Research Assistant

(Primary Student)

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Amanda is a second-year student in the Applied Social and Organizational Psychology PhD program. Her interest in workplace gender issues was inspired by her time in undergrad, which she completed at an all-women's college. She also has a master's in IO psychology from Missouri S&T where she completed a thesis on the effects of witnessing benevolent sexism on women's cognitive performance. Her research interests revolve broadly around diversity in political representation, and she has current projects investigating the impact of candidate race and gender on perceptions of electability and voter behavior. She is currently the manager for the PSIA lab and works on a number of projects with Dr. Pietri revolving around topics of intersectionality in STEM and politics, including developing and testing interventions to decrease bias and increase diversity in these fields.

Meet the Grad Students

Faz Abdul Karim

Graduate Lab Collaborator.

(Secondary Student)

Faz is a fourth year in the Applied Social and Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program. Broadly speaking, his research interests converge around the topics of intra-personal and interpersonal relationships. In one line of work, he is looking at how Black targets who engage in resume whitening are being perceived by ingroup members (other Black individuals). In a second line of research, he examines various strategies employed by members of stigmatized groups (particularly Blacks and Asians/Asian Americans) to deflect discrimination.

A majority of his research projects utilize frameworks that are coming from a social psychological perspective, primarily the Black Sheep Effect and Identity Denial. The ultimate goal of his program of research is to promote more diverse and inclusive environments - especially in an organizational setting - for everyone, regardless of their social identities.

Outside of academia, he enjoys shopping, cooking, and playing with his cats, Hildie and Fafner.

Linda Muller

Graduate Lab Collaborator.

(Secondary Student)

Linda is a second-year student in the Applied Social and Organizational Psychology PhD program, working under the mentorship of Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo. She previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and neuroscience, a post-baccalaureate certificate in LGBT health, and a master’s degree in psychology. She is currently working with Dr. Eva Pietri on a project exploring how organizations may signal identity safety to underrepresented groups in STEM (particularly lesbian women and gay men). Her research interests broadly include promoting diversity as well as reducing prejudice, bias, and discrimination within organizations.

Meet the Research Assistants

Natalie Heidenreich

Sadrisha Pandit

Ethan Mardanus-Budiono

Payton West

Meet the Lab alumni

Graduate Students

Arielle Lewis (Secondary student)

Arielle completed her Master's degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology IUPUI. She completed her Master's thesis with Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo regarding recruitment strategies and diversity. She also worked with Dr. Eva Pietri on projects regarding Latina identity. Arielle and Dr. Pietri worked on a project examining how intersectional identities and a common minority status influence the ability for others to perform as a role models for Black women and Latinas. Arielle's general research interests include organizational impression management, intergroup relations in the workplace, and the influence of non-prototypicality on workplace outcomes. 

Leidy Trujillo (Secondary student)

 Leidy earned her Masters degree in Industrial-Organizational Psycholgoy at IUPUI. She did her undergrad at Florida State University, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Biological Sciences. She completed her Master's thesis with Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, looking at denial of Afro-Latinos due to violations of prototypicality. Her research interests broadly include diversity, workplace discrimination, and prejudice confrontation. During her free time, she enjoys cooking, movies, video games, and trying something new every week. Fun fact about Leidy is that she actually speaks three languages: Spanish, English, and Italian.

Montana Drawbaugh (Primary student) 

Montana earned her Master's of Science degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology at IUPUI. She completed her Master's thesis project with Dr. Jane Williams on IPT and performance appraisal effectiveness. She was a graduate RA and lab manager for both Dr. Pietri and Dr. Ashburn-Nardo and has collaborated with both of them on a project examining the mental imagery, perceptions, and promotability of voluntarily childfree women. Additionally, she has worked on projects with Dr. Pietri that investigated how to get women to identify with male role models in STEM, examining who are effective role models for Latina women, and the relationship between undergraduate womens' attention and stigma consciousness. Montana's general research interests include performance management, workplace stereotypes and intergroup relations, and recruiting diverse groups into STEM.

Virginia Rhodes (Primary student) 

Virginia earned her Master's of Science degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology at IUPUI. She completed her Master's thesis project with Dr. Pietri on allyship and increasing belonging and trust for Black women in STEM-related fields. Additionally, she worked with Dr. Pietri examining the relationship between undergraduate women's attention and stigma consciousness. She also worked as a Research Assistant at the STEM Education Innovation & Research Institute, which partnered with Dr. Pietri and Dr. Ashburn-Nardo on a project investigating the relationship between empowerment and peer leaders in STEM classrooms. Her general research interests include STEM, diversity, and allyship.

Chelsey Skipton (Secondary student)

Chelsey obtained on her Master's of Science degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology at IUPUI. She completed her Master's thesis project with Dr. Dennis Devine. Additionally, she worked with Dr. Pietri looking at the benefits of video over written media as diversity interventions in STEM. Her general research interests include selection and teams.

Dominique Burrows (Secondary student)

Dominique earned her Master's of Science degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology at IUPUI. She completed her Master's thesis project with Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo. Additionally, she worked with Dr. Pietri exploring ally endorsement for black students and differences between narrative and expert videos in their influence on gender bias information-seeking. Her general research interests include national origin bias, discrimination against immigrants in the workplace, and discrimination and incivility in the tourism industry between native and expat workers.

Ezgi Ozgumus (Primary student) 

Ezgi is a former graduate student of IUPUI and completed her Master's of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational psychology. She completed her master's thesis project with Dr. Pietri, and was actively involved with various research projects in the lab. Ezgi is generally interested in developing interventions to reduce gender bias in STEM and techniques to teach women about gender bias in a non-threatening manner. She is now a Ph.D. student at the London School of Business. 

Charles Chu (Secondary Student)

Charles obtained his Master's of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational psychology at IUPUI. He completed his master's thesis project with Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo. Charles worked on a project with Dr. Pietri exploring the benefits of visual over written media as a diversity intervention. He is now a doctoral student at Stanford, studying Organizational Behavior.

Devin Jewell (Primary student)

Devin earned her Masters of Science in Industrial-Organizationsl Psychology at IUPUI. She worked on her thesis with Dr. Pietri looking at the impact of personal video testimonies as recruiting tools for women in STEM fields. Her broad research interests include diversity in the corporate environment, gender bias, and judgments/perceptions of feminism.

Fun Fact: In her free time, Devin likes to read past and present Supreme Court decisions and enjoys listening to true crime podcasts. ​

UnderGraduate Students

Demi Zoeller

Demi completed a senior thesis project with Dr. Pietri.

Priasha Iyer

Alyssa Fuller

Laura Cooper

Sara Hewitt

Nectar Gonzalez

Shelby Mellencamp

Ashlyn Eades

Shannon Penley

Danka Maric

Sana Majid

Jessica Gutierrez

Stefany Meraz

Lupe Pedraza

Grant Walker

Tyra Baker

Victoria Colvin

Anna Matthews

Alanna Echols

Alex Armstrong

Katherine Shr

Keshia Walker

Marlen Huesca

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